Dazzling DIY Jewelry

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Imagine spending 15 minutes making a dazzling necklace...

...and your friend asking where you bought such a beautiful piece of jewelry because she wants to gift one to her sister!

Dazzling DIY Jewelry teaches you a few super easy jewelry making techniques & how to put them together to make necklaces, earrings, and bracelets...all from jump rings!

After you complete go through the eBook, you’ll be able to confidently make 10 different simple but incredibly elegant pieces of jewelry.

"Thanks Bev, I love your jewelry ideas. I am looking forward to making these items." -Joan D.

Dazzling DIY contains 10 different tutorials, most of which can only be found in this eBook, including:

  • 3 bracelet designs

  • 4 earring designs

  • 3 necklace designs

Each tutorial contains step-by-step directions with images, as well as links to the exact tools & supplies you need to make them.

Learn how to make your own stunning DIY spiral jewelry using a few super easy jewelry making techniques and just four materials. 

This Dazzling DIY Jewelry walks you step-by-step with images and written instructions how to make ten different earring, necklace, and bracelet designs, all using jump rings.

The eBook also contains links to the exact tools & materials you'll need to make these gorgeous pieces that are perfect for gifting!

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