Spiral bracelets eBook

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Are you tired of wasting hours of the day scrolling through Pinterest feed, wishing that you could make what you see but think to yourself, "That looks WAY too difficult to make?"

You so desperately want to make something with your hands, but you're worried all those supplies and tools will just collect dust with all the other craft hobbies that never seemed to take off.

Or maybe you've tried in the past to make something, but it looked NOTHING like the picture in the tutorial.

After going through this eBook, you'll be ready to make your own earrings & necklace set to gift!

The thing is, you’re not alone.

There’s too many possible techniques to learn and too many complicated jewelry tutorials out there.

Like so many aspiring hobbyists, you tell yourself it's way too hard before you even begin.

What you need are tutorials that break down a few simple techniques using layman’s terms.

Something that also shows you how to put those techniques together and walks you EXACTLY through how to create a stunning bracelet from beginning end.


Spiral Bracelets ebook

Learn how to make your own stunning DIY spiral + pearl or beaded bracelets using a few super easy jewelry making techniques and just four materials. 

Create handmade bracelets that don't look homemade.

This eBook walks you step-by-step with images and written instructions how to make one of my most bracelet designs using the Spiral Technique. 

Get step-by-step picture + written directions to help you make your own beautiful bracelets, perfect for gifting or keeping for yourself

In this downloadable eBook, you'll learn to:

  • Make five different bracelets using just four materials...even if you're brand new to jewelry-making  

  • Add a clasp to the end of a bracelet

  • Create eye loops to add beads onto your designs

  • Use a ridiculously simple trick for making your bracelets adjustable in length

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’ve never made jewelry before?

This course was made for you! You don’t have to have any jewelry-making experience -- or even be especially crafty -- to be able to do this.

When will I receive the Ebook?

As soon as your purchase goes through, you'll receive an email with a link to download it.

I see that you have free tutorials on your website. How is this different? 

This eBook includes tutorials which you will not find on the website.

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Spiral bracelets eBook

0 ratings
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